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How can I add a new device without EonStor GS/GSe system IP address?

The default system IP address is DHCP and user can log in EonStor GS/GSe through an RS232 console and then check the system IP address. User can also log in Central EonOne and then add the device(s) using auto search.

Why did Central EonOne fail to add the GS/GSe storage device?

It is necessary to open the specific ports (58630, 58632, and 58641) of Firewall before the user adds a storage device on Central EonOne.

After adding the device IP address in Central EonOne, I can't login to the device with the password "admin". Why is that?

The default password is empty for connecting/logging into the device. You don't need to enter any password. After you've logged in, it can be changed in System Settings.

Where can I download the latest firmware?

Go to Infortrend Download Center. You can select the GS/GSe model or enter the serial number to download the latest firmware.

How to upgrade FW?

1. Download the latest FW which is compatible to your system from Service Center -> Download Center
2.  Open Central EonOne or EonOne and go to Settings -> Update & Security -> Firmware Update
3.  Click Browse to select the correct FW file and then click Update firmware (it will take about 20 mins).
4.  It's necessary to reset the system after FW upgrade. You can select Rolling upgrade to avoid stopping IO for redundant controller models. Otherwise, click reset for single controller models.

What is the difference between in-band and out-of-band connection?

Users can use Central EonOne to log in EonStor GS/GSe either through in-band connection or out-of-band connection. When the host server with Central EonOne installed is connected to host channels (FC, iSCSI, FCoE) on EonStor GS/GSe, Central EonOne can send commands via host channels, which is in-band connection. When the host server is connected to the management LAN port on EonStor GS/GSe, Central EonOne can send commands via an Ethernet port, which is out-of-band connection.

Can I share the home folder?

The home folder cannot be shared but all the folders under it can be shared.

How can I create Rsync for a share folder?

Please log in EonStor GS/GSe through EonOne or Central EonOne and go to Backup & Restore -> Schedule -> Create schedule -> Create a folder Rsync schedule and then select the share folder for Rsync.

Will a license be required to access Cloud Gateway functions?

Yes, a license is required. Customers only need to purchase one license to get access to all cloud gateway functions (including Cloud Tiering, Cloud Cache, and Cloud backup)

What cloud providers does EonStor GS/GSe support?

EonStor GS/GSe currently supports integration with the following cloud providers:
‧Amazon S3
‧Google Cloud Platform
‧Microsoft Azure
‧Alibaba Aliyun
‧OpenStack Swift

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