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1. ESVA, EonStor / EonStor DS, and EonNAS support login pages have been integrated.

What happens to my existing accounts and login credentials?

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  1. If you use same email address but different passwords for different portals, please pick one password and login. The chosen password will be the one for future access to all portals.
  2. If you use different email addresses and passwords for different portals, please pick one email address with its password, login then click “Integrate Accounts” to complete account integration.

  3. [No Action Required]
  4. If you use same email address and password for more than one portals, simply login to the new service as usual. Your accounts will be automatically integrated.

  5. [Integrate Accounts]
  6. Integrate login accounts to access all tickets:
    Integrate Accounts

  7. Post Date: 2014/9/15

2. EonNAS Forum Notice

To provide better service and support, the EonNAS Forum will be closed starting September 1st, 2015. Existing valuable EonNAS customers please log in to access support information. For general EonNAS enquiries, please visit for “Live Help”.

Post Date: 2015/9/1

3. Simplified ticket submitting service

Simple and easier way for you to submit a ticket. Simply click the link and you are ready to start.

Post Date: 2016/2/19

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